Autostrads – Robotic Cranes on Sydney’s Docks

Automation has become part and parcel around the world. This is why “Autostrads” are being used to complete projects and improve efficiency.

In the past, there was a lot of pressure being exerted by companies to overcome unions. This led to innovations being developed to offset losses.

Patrick was one of those entities and felt it was best to get involved in these changes and bring about a higher level of automation.

Autostrads have become the way to go for companies and are a result of these investment programs. The amount of efficiency brought on with these machines is impossible to match. It reduces all of the guesswork from this process.


The management group for this company has spoken highly about the automated work being done with these machines and how well they work.

The handling of containers is something that was important, and these machines make it look easy. Dockworkers still have a role to play, but the Autostrads ensure things are done in an orderly manner.

How do these machines work? They are able to maximize a built-in radar-based navigation system to move around and implement efficient movements to acquire and transport containers. They take them from one place to another as designed.

A lot of research has gone into the new system to make sure half of the staff is removed because their services aren’t required. It leads to massive savings in the short and long-term.

A lot of value has gone into this technology, and it is now leading to a $9 billion takeover offer. It is Canada’s Brookfield Infrastructure Partners that are behind this offer.

What does this machine do aside from the immediate benefit of automation? It is also able to reduce injuries. Everything is streamlined and ensures people are not getting hurt along the way as work is completed. This is important for companies that conduct other operations in that area like crane hire Sydney NSW as well as truck operators.

This is a simple setup and one that will work for all facilities. This is why it is cherished. Studies have been done, and there are reduced expenses as well (i.e. less fuel and maintenance). The drop is listed at 20%.

The best part about Autostrads has to do with the ability to adjust. If the demand increases, the right approach will be taken to maximize effort and speed. This can happen when a lot of trucks come at the same time and have to be processed. The containers are rushed ahead and moved in a safe manner.

This automation is a game changer and a part of the future for companies hauling containers from one place to another.

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