New Material Can Transform Seawater Into Hydrogen To Be Used For Fuelling Cars

University of Central Florida researchers are claiming that a new substance has been created that extracts hydrogen a lot more efficiently from seawater than the current methods do. This has the potential of turning hydrogen fuel cell technology into a viable alternative to current fossil fuels.

Energy & Environmental Science published the new paper that states that the new nanomaterial is an ultrathin titanium dioxide film that has nanocavities that are etched in it. The cavities are coated with molybdenum disulfide flakes that are only an atom wide.

The new material is a solar catalyst that uses power from sunlight in order to transform water in seawater into oxygen and hydrogen, which are its constituent parts. reports that Yang Yang, who was head of the research team from the University of Central Florida, said that their new hydrogen production method is a breakthrough since they opened the window for splitting real water, instead of only purified water inside of a lab.

This new nanomaterial also utilises sunlight better than current materials, since it is sensitive to everything that is within the spectrum from infrared to ultraviolet light.

Currently the team in Florida is working on scaling the fabrication up to commercial levels, as well as working on refining their new technology’s performance.

Several automakers, including Honda and Toyota, are making major investments into hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to create the future’s emissions-free cars.

Filling A Car With Hydrogen Fuel

Inside of hydrogen fuel cells, hydrogen gets drawn from its on-board reservoir and then it mixed with the atmosphere’s oxygen in order to create energy. This is then used for driving an electric motor. Water coming from the tailpipe is the only emissions.

Although fuel cell technology has continued to advance, the most critical element of all has perhaps been missing: an easily accessible and affordable hydrogen fuel supply, preferably that can be produced with only minimal environmental impact.

Hydrogen is the universe’s most abundant element, however on Earth it mainly exists in compounds. It usually requires large amounts of energy to extract hydrogen from the compounds.

To make things even more complicated, there is a lack of infrastructure for producing hydrogen as well as storing, delivering and selling commercial quantities of it.

Choosing Motorized Blinds and Shutters

How To Choose The Best Blinds For Your House

It can be such an overwhelming chore to choose window treatments, whether you happen to be searching for privacy, style or both. Is it better to shop at a specialty blind store, a local home center or online? How formal or sheer should you go?

Light and Privacy

How much do you want and need? You have to decide whether you would prefer your room to be airy and bright or more closed and cozy. Is your primary goal to hang up heavy curtains inside your bedroom so you can have a sound sleep or hang sheer curtains up inside your kitchen? Do you have windows that need to be covered that are near your front door or that are facing the sunny side of your home? These types of factors all influence the styles and fabrics that you choose.

Your Budget

Do you just have one window that needs to be outfitted or is it the entire house? You may want to spend more of the budget you have on certain windows while cutting back on some other ones. The cost of window treatment will be based on size, so larger treatments you can expect to have a higher price. There are other factors that increase your cost include tings like custom sizes, fabrics, patterns and specialty features.

How much time and effort are you willing to spend to clean your blinds?

Standard blinds can be cleaned at home, but they are magnets for dust and need to be cleaned quite often. Shades with fabrics and weaves that are textured are better at hiding soil. The best way to care for these are through vacuuming or professional cleaning.


Your Decorating Style

What is your personal style? Is it formal, casual, comfortable or chic? Bold colors might be either fun or dramatic. Subtle hues are perfect for rooms that are decorated in neutral and earthy colors. What do you like better, corded, sleeker cordless or streamlined?


Are there any young children in your household? If you do you might need to get cordless streamlined blinds and shades.

Blinds and Shades For Good Housekeeping

If you want to have slats that are tiltable that can adjust so that the sun can be allowed inside (or not), then your best option is blinds. They offer plenty of privacy, and are an attractive and clean-looking fit. The price for blinds have a tendency to increase as you move from vinyl up to aluminum, and then faux wood as well as textured vinyl and then the most expensive is wood.

Types of Blinds

There are wood blinds that are available in light or dark shades as well as polished and painted finishes. The GH line that we offer includes a broad ranging from light Country Cottage to dark Peruvian Walnut. They are perfect for offices and dens. They aren’t usually the best option for kitchens or bathrooms, where moisture may cause damage (instead you choose select faux wood or polymer), or for bedrooms or living rooms if you want to have a softer and more romantic effect.

Insulating blinds filter or block light and also conserve energy. Our GH branded insulating blinds come in 15 colors, that range from Natural Linen to Sage.

Plantation Shutters

The latest trend in window shutters are called plantation shutters. These are an older style louver shutter than have been transformed into a modern, attractive shutter that suits almost any decor. Design Plantation Shutters Melbourne specializes in these types of shutters and can help you with a free measure and quote.


Interior and exterior blinds both help to decrease solar heat gain while maintaining your desired light, ventilation and privacy at the same time. Reflective binds (white or near white) may reduce the amount of heat gain by up to 45 percent when closed or lowered on sunny windows.

Outdoor Blinds

Exterior blinds are quite often more effective than interior blinds are. When compared with interior blinds, exterior blinds block heat before it can get into the window and heat up the room. However, when trying to add to an existing window it can be tricky, so they are best suited to use with new construction.


Drapes, depending on the fabric weight and color, help to insulate your home from solar heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter.

Medium-colored drapes with a white plastic back can reduce solar heat gain by as much as 33 percent are ideal if you close them during the hottest months. You need to have a tight seal for maximum performance, just like other types of window treatments. You should hang drapes from a corner or up to the ceiling directly and down to the floor. They should be positioned as close as possible to a window.

Asbestos Removing Robots

An asbestos-extinguishing robot is being used as a critical component of the demolition of the Pensacola News and Journal building located at Romana and Jefferson streets. This is in preparation for the construction of the 269-unit apartment building worth $50 million by Quint and Rishy Studer.

High pressure water is utilized by the robot to get rid of the layer of stucco on the facades of the building. The asbestos is subsequently vacuumed into a hose attached to the bottom of the robot.

According to Andrew Rothfeder, president of Studer Properties, the robot takes as much time and money to remove asbestos as an all-manual procedure. Laborers are still required to get rid of asbestos on the tops and bottoms, areas the robot cannot access.

Rothfeder adds that it doesn’t really help save time. Instead, the robot is used since it presents the most environmentally friendly way of removing asbestos.

asbestos removal robot

The site was bought by the Studers in 2013 for $3.4 million. The apartment building has a wait list of 222 residents scheduled for occupancy in the spring of 2017.

Asbestos is a substance that had seen prevalent use in the 1970s in construction materials thanks to its cost, fire resistance, strength and heat insulation properties. The substance has been banned, however, after researchers found that inhaling asbestos dust can lead to cancer.

The robot has been in action since the middle of June. It should finish its job of Melbourne VIC asbestos removal within the next couple of weeks. The vertical structures are also targeted to be brought down by the end of July.

Rothfeder explains that as the asbestos removal takes place, the demolition company works behind the scenes and tears down parts of the building that has already been worked on by the robot.

The concrete foundations are scheduled for removal in August. There is also a planned soil remediation on the site’s northeast corner the following month. This is an attempt to address the issue of soil contamination that started in the 1940s and 1950s. Gas stations and other business establishments were erected at the site and the lax environmental laws led to the soil being contaminated.

The apartment building is scheduled to be constructed in November.

The developers made it a point to salvage certain materials during the demolition process. This is an attempt to minimize the amount of used materials going to landfills.

Rothfeder says that Studer Properties has made it a priority to recycle materials as much as possible. Their goal is to recycle 75% of the materials of the old building.

The architectural planning’s design development process should be done within a week. The next step is construction drawing, which should be complete before the end of September.

There have been two conceptual design phases already approved by the Pensacola Architectural Review Board. Rothfeder adds that materials review is scheduled for ARB’s meeting on September.

Autostrads – Robotic Cranes on Sydney’s Docks

Automation has become part and parcel around the world. This is why “Autostrads” are being used to complete projects and improve efficiency.

In the past, there was a lot of pressure being exerted by companies to overcome unions. This led to innovations being developed to offset losses.

Patrick was one of those entities and felt it was best to get involved in these changes and bring about a higher level of automation.

Autostrads have become the way to go for companies and are a result of these investment programs. The amount of efficiency brought on with these machines is impossible to match. It reduces all of the guesswork from this process.


The management group for this company has spoken highly about the automated work being done with these machines and how well they work.

The handling of containers is something that was important, and these machines make it look easy. Dockworkers still have a role to play, but the Autostrads ensure things are done in an orderly manner.

How do these machines work? They are able to maximize a built-in radar-based navigation system to move around and implement efficient movements to acquire and transport containers. They take them from one place to another as designed.

A lot of research has gone into the new system to make sure half of the staff is removed because their services aren’t required. It leads to massive savings in the short and long-term.

A lot of value has gone into this technology, and it is now leading to a $9 billion takeover offer. It is Canada’s Brookfield Infrastructure Partners that are behind this offer.

What does this machine do aside from the immediate benefit of automation? It is also able to reduce injuries. Everything is streamlined and ensures people are not getting hurt along the way as work is completed. This is important for companies that conduct other operations in that area like crane hire Sydney NSW as well as truck operators.

This is a simple setup and one that will work for all facilities. This is why it is cherished. Studies have been done, and there are reduced expenses as well (i.e. less fuel and maintenance). The drop is listed at 20%.

The best part about Autostrads has to do with the ability to adjust. If the demand increases, the right approach will be taken to maximize effort and speed. This can happen when a lot of trucks come at the same time and have to be processed. The containers are rushed ahead and moved in a safe manner.

This automation is a game changer and a part of the future for companies hauling containers from one place to another.

Exciting And New Technology Trends For 2016

The following list includes the technological trends I believe will be significant next year:

Personal DNA Sequencing

Each DNA molecule has a specific order of nucleotides. Cutting-edge tools are used to determine the specific order during DNA sequencing. As you can imagine, research in this area will lead to significant medical breakthroughs.
The ability to personalize DNA sequencing could take the field of genetics to every doorstep. Although it may not sound believable, many people have already benefited from this. For example, Angelina Jolie used DNA testing to find out she had an 87% likelihood of developing breast cancer.
In the future, the public will be able to have their DNA tested and know their chances of acquiring severe or terminal diseases. In 2016, this dream could become a reality for the public.

Optical Interconnect

In 2013, Intel displayed a snippet of this technology by showing us a transfer rate of 1TB per second was possible. Light Peak is the name of the optical interconnect product. It was endorsed by experts as a way to kill USB 3.0.
For the public, they do not care whether the technology is Light Peak or something different; they just want a lightning fast connection. From the business perspective, there is a meaningful difference. Ultra-fast connections mean high-speed data transfer, improving the delivery of work and possibly no downtime.
Businesses can benefit from this technology by improving their growth and will keep their hopes alive for Optical Internet.

Interactive Holographic Displays

Although holograms are not a new technology, 3D hologram displays are completely new. The technology will revolutionize the technology industry and is state of the art.
The second generation of this technology is an interactive hologram display. Although the technology is complex, it includes these features:

  • Hologram optical lenses
  • Digital controller
  • Laser projector
  • Motion sensor

With the interactive display, users can touch icons in midair and perform different activities. The ability to interact is caused by the kinetic motion sensor. This is a cutting-edge feature found in many wearable devices.

3D City Maps

Although this technology is already in use, the field of architecture is investing in the technology because it has important future benefits for them. Here is a video showing a 3D map of London. So far, it is not interactive, which will happen in the future.
Since it is not interactive, developers use programming software and a computer screen to show clients proposed development areas and the manner in which construction will occur. If it were interactive, the clients could make modifications directly on the 3D projects and in real time.
I believe the merger of 3D holographic displays and architectural rendering could turn this idea into reality. 2016 might be the year when it happens.

Collision-proof Cars

During 2016 we might see the first crash-proof cars on the market. Other technologies would need to be in place for this to happen, such as driver alert systems, sonar, and custom radars for automobiles. Traffic accidents and fatalities are an ongoing concern in the US and in several other countries. Crash-proof cars could possibly lower the rate of serious injuries and deaths from automobile accidents.

Space Adventures

Even during the beginning of the year, I was not very hopeful about this happening. NASA’s announcement regarding the colonization of Mars by 2030 has renewed my hopes. I am sure we will see major improvements in the space tourism and adventure market during 2016. According to an article published by the Observer, 2016 is destined to be the year when space tourism becomes a reality.

5 Exciting Artificial Intelligence Start-ups

As you’ve read before I’m pretty damn excited about the possibilitie of AI, it allows my inner-sci-fi brain to run wild with possibilities of reality in the future.

Anyways, here’s 5 Artificial Intelligence Startups To Watch:


For anyone frustrated by trying to coordinate scheduling a meeting using only email, can help. This company has created an AI that acts as an assistant to handle your scheduling for you. All users need to do is add the assistant “Amy” into the CC section of the email, and she will handle all negotiation for a meeting location and time, sending event invitations once the details have been hashed out.


The company is based in New York and their closed beta is backed by many investors. If you are interested, you can get on the waiting list via email using the contact information located on the company website. For anyone whose day revolves around scheduled meetings, this is a major time saver.

2. Enlitic

The startup Enlitic uses image analysis along with deep learning capabilities to help physicians diagnose patients and identify abnormalities in medical images. For example, by analyzing a medical image such as an MRI, CT scan, or X-ray, it can scan for any data trends or abnormalities between images.

Jeremy Howard founded this company, and his experience founding previous tech startups has benefited the business immensely. During an AMA (Ask Me Anything) hosted by, Howard stated that one of the big barriers to medical technology advancement is data silos, and he wants to give easy access to that data so medical professionals can use it.

3. MetaMind

MetaMind was officially launched in December of 2014, backed by Marc Benioff from Salesforce and Khosla Ventures with 8 million dollars of funding. MetaMind uses a technology known as recursive neural networks, and it is the brains behind the deep learning capabilities for image classification and sentiment analysis.

MetaMind handles image classification using a tool where users upload images and drag and drop them into the program. The program then determines the subject of the image. For example, if you upload an image of a hamburger, it identifies the image as that of a burger. In addition, the program can analyze the sentiment expressed within text like “tweets,” labeling the text as either neutral, negative, or positive. MetaMind’s API is available for free by signing up on the website.

4. Sentient Technologies

This startup may not be the newest company around, however, it really started being noticed in late 2014 when they announced they would begin Series C financing. They have created one of the largest artificial intelligence systems out there, working on their goal of creating an AI system that is scalable to any level.

Their concept uses Darwinian evolution as a model for the way it adapts and learns from its environment to provide the best results for the operator. On the website of the company, they describe how each AI engine they manage uses separate GPUs and CPUs, making them scalable up to nearly countless cores. This means their AI can run jobs for a longer time period and at faster speeds.

5. The Grid

Building a website from scratch takes a lot of work, even using tools and templates like WordPress and Squarespace. The Grid takes advantage of artificial intelligence to create a website for you, tailoring it to your needs.

For design, The Grid has proprietary algorithms that it uses to analyze your media as it is uploaded so that a consistent theme and color pattern extends across your website. It also selects complementary colors for your text to keep it very readable The Grid is even able to provide content that is time-sensitive, plug-and-play features for e-commerce, and automated A/B testing.