5 Exciting Artificial Intelligence Start-ups

As you’ve read before I’m pretty damn excited about the possibilitie of AI, it allows my inner-sci-fi brain to run wild with possibilities of reality in the future.

Anyways, here’s 5 Artificial Intelligence Startups To Watch:

 1. X.ai

For anyone frustrated by trying to coordinate scheduling a meeting using only email, X.ai can help. This company has created an AI that acts as an assistant to handle your scheduling for you. All X.ai users need to do is add the assistant “Amy” into the CC section of the email, and she will handle all negotiation for a meeting location and time, sending event invitations once the details have been hashed out.


The company is based in New York and their closed beta is backed by many investors. If you are interested, you can get on the waiting list via email using the contact information located on the company website. For anyone whose day revolves around scheduled meetings, this is a major time saver.

2. Enlitic

The startup Enlitic uses image analysis along with deep learning capabilities to help physicians diagnose patients and identify abnormalities in medical images. For example, by analyzing a medical image such as an MRI, CT scan, or X-ray, it can scan for any data trends or abnormalities between images.

Jeremy Howard founded this company, and his experience founding previous tech startups has benefited the business immensely. During an AMA (Ask Me Anything) hosted by Reddit.com, Howard stated that one of the big barriers to medical technology advancement is data silos, and he wants to give easy access to that data so medical professionals can use it.

3. MetaMind

MetaMind was officially launched in December of 2014, backed by Marc Benioff from Salesforce and Khosla Ventures with 8 million dollars of funding. MetaMind uses a technology known as recursive neural networks, and it is the brains behind the deep learning capabilities for image classification and sentiment analysis.

MetaMind handles image classification using a tool where users upload images and drag and drop them into the program. The program then determines the subject of the image. For example, if you upload an image of a hamburger, it identifies the image as that of a burger. In addition, the program can analyze the sentiment expressed within text like “tweets,” labeling the text as either neutral, negative, or positive. MetaMind’s API is available for free by signing up on the website.

4. Sentient Technologies

This startup may not be the newest company around, however, it really started being noticed in late 2014 when they announced they would begin Series C financing. They have created one of the largest artificial intelligence systems out there, working on their goal of creating an AI system that is scalable to any level.

Their concept uses Darwinian evolution as a model for the way it adapts and learns from its environment to provide the best results for the operator. On the website of the company, they describe how each AI engine they manage uses separate GPUs and CPUs, making them scalable up to nearly countless cores. This means their AI can run jobs for a longer time period and at faster speeds.

5. The Grid

Building a website from scratch takes a lot of work, even using tools and templates like WordPress and Squarespace. The Grid takes advantage of artificial intelligence to create a website for you, tailoring it to your needs.

For design, The Grid has proprietary algorithms that it uses to analyze your media as it is uploaded so that a consistent theme and color pattern extends across your website. It also selects complementary colors for your text to keep it very readable The Grid is even able to provide content that is time-sensitive, plug-and-play features for e-commerce, and automated A/B testing.

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